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From the Rector
The Rev. Dr. Jared C. Cramer, SCP

Dear *|FNAME|*,

As many of you know, the Holy Land is an important place in my own spiritual journey.

One of my greatest joys early in my years at St. John's was leading a pilgrimage group from the parish to Israel and Jordan, walking the many holy sites there with some of you! It was not the first time I had gone. I've been blessed to have been able to attend several times in previous years.

So I was truly delighted when Bithan Abufarha came by the parish office a few weeks ago. She and her husband work with Holy Land Carvings, a company that represents the Palestinian Christian wood-carvers in the Holy Land. The violence in the Holy Land over the past several years, along with the actions of the State of Israel (often supported by our own country) has nearly decimated the Christian population. The Anglican bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem has even seen his own visa revoked in recent years and had to file court action to be able to reside in the city of his cathedral (see more online here).

Thousands of families in the Holy Land are no longer able to find work and for Christian wood-carvers, their trade in olive-wood religious items has been significantly impacted. 

So, this Sunday, Bithan and others from Holy Land carvings will be set up in the Timberlake Hall to sell hand-carved nativity scenes, crucifixes, rosaries, statues, pictures of the last supper, and many other items. They will set-up and be available after 8:30am liturgy, both before and after the 10:00am liturgy, and before the 12:45pm Spanish-language service as well. 

I hope you'll have some time on Sunday to look through the items they will be bringing. Not only will you likely find something that can be a part of your own household devotions, but you'll be able to support your sister and brother Christians struggling to survive in the Holy Land.

Through Grace,


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