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From the Rector 
The Rev. Dr. Jared C. Cramer, SCP

Dear Parishioners,

The United States Coast Guard was created by Congress in August of 1790.

It was originally known as the “Revenue Marine” or “Revenue Cutter Service” and focused on the collecting of customs duties at our nation’s seaports. In 1915, it merged with the US Life-Saving Service and became the modern Coast Guard. 

During times of war, the Coast Guard can be transferred to the US Department of the Navy, something that has happened twice, once during World War I and then again during World War II. That said, the Coast Guard has actually been involved in every US war from 1790 through the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Indeed, on its own, the Coast Guard is the world’s 12th largest naval force. 

The brave women and men who serve in the Coast Guard focus on maritime homeland security, maritime law enforcement, search and rescue, marine environmental protection, and the maintenance of river, intracoastal and offshore aids to navigation (ATON). It functions differently than other parts of the armed forces. It has a maritime law enforcement role in domestic and international waters but it also has a federal regulatory agency as a part of its mission. 

The Coast Guard is comprised of 42,000 active duty personnel, with an additional nearly 49,000 in reserve, auxiliary, or other roles. They serve bravely in their tasks, with an organizational structure that enables quick response to crisis and emergency. During this week, as we do every year in Grand Haven, we have been honoring the Coast Guard.

This Saturday, I invite you to join us for the Grand Parade. Come early at 10:00am for Morning Prayer with hymns, led by  the St. Cecilia Choir. Come early for a special prelude at 9:50am and sing along to the patriotic hymns of our hymnal. Then, enjoy the luncheon fundraiser served by our El Corazón Latino Ministry, and the parade itself. 

As you sing the opening hymn on Saturday, remember these brave women and men in their service—and perhaps pray the prayer in the extra verse to the hymn written specifically in their honor:

Eternal Father, Lord of hosts,
Watch o’er the ones who guard our coasts.
Protect them from the raging seas
And give them light and life and peace.
Grant them from thy great throne above
The shield and shelter of thy love. 

Through Grace,

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