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From the Sr. Warden
Ms. Cathryn Marshall

Dear *|FNAME|*,

As we approach 2019 and the third and final year of the current grant cycle for our El Corazón Latino Ministry Initiative, there are some transitions we have decided upon.

As you know, last month Father John began a period of leave, taking his well-deserved vacation time. As some of you have asked, we feel it is important to be transparent at this time that his period of leave was precipitated by some difficulties within our Latino Ministry Initiative. Father Jared came out of his Renewal Leave in July to try and help our members and Father John work through those difficulties. However, it became apparent at that time that the best option instead was for everyone to take a step back for rest and reflection, that we might begin anew this fall when Father Jared returns and we can bring all the resources of our parish to bear on this important ministry.

Earlier this week, Father Jared came out of Renewal Leave again to meet with Father John about returning. I joined that meeting as Sr. Warden and our Canon Missioner, Mother Val Ambrose, also joined us. We had hoped that this meeting could provide a way forward to begin afresh with a vibrant and strong Latino ministry. However, by the end of the meeting, it became apparent to everyone involved that the best option for everyone—including Father John—would be for Father John to seek a new call elsewhere and for our parish to work to bring in someone else to assist in leading our Latino Initiative. 

This was a painful decision for everyone. But every single person in the meeting was united in their concern for the best of the congregation of St. John’s—particularly our Latino members. The parish and diocesan leadership also wants what is best for Father John, for him to thrive as a priest in Christ’s church. 

Father John has declined an official sending liturgy and celebration of his ministry, believing it would be best for him simply to leave quietly. We know that the lack of an opportunity to greet him, thank him, and wish him well will be hard for many of you. It is hard for me as the Senior Warden. However, we want to respect his wishes in honor of the good ministry he has had among us in its various forms over these past several years. You should feel free to reach out to him privately, if you feel so moved, to thank him for his ministry and wish him well as he discerns God’s next call in his life. He will remain officially employed, but on administrative leave, until October 15. 

When Father Jared returns on Sunday, August 26, our Spanish-language Eucharist will resume at it’s normal program-year time of 12:45pm. Father Jared will both preach and celebrate at that liturgy going forward until we are able to call a new Associate Rector. You are warmly invited to join our Latino members at the 12:45pm liturgy on the 26th, to show your own support to them and this ministry, if you are able. 

Given that there is only one year left (2019) in the current grant cycle, we know that it may be difficult to find a Spanish-speaking priest who would feel able to relocate and be with us for this half-time position. Our hope is that our current grant will be renewed for another three years, but we will not know that until the Spring of 2019. So, in order to ensure that the momentum and vitality of our Latino Ministry Initiative is not further dampened, we will work very hard to find new leadership for this important ministry. 

When Father Jared returns he will immediately work with our Latino members to help design a position description that we can post. If you would like to assist, please reach out to Father Jared to let him know. Our Latino members will also be invited to assist Father Jared in determining who to call next to come and serve among us. A call to a one-year position may be more attractive if we could provide housing—so if you might be interested in hosting a new Associate Rector in your home for all or part of 2019, please contact the Parish Office immediately. When we find out the decision in the spring of 2019 about renewal of our grant, our new Associate Rector can then work with the Vestry, Father Jared, and all the members of our congregation in preparing for a transition to the next three years of this ministry—whatever that will look like.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Once Father Jared returns, he would also be happy to sit down and talk further with you.

In the meantime, please join me in prayer for Father John, our Latino ministry, and the strength and faithfulness of Christ’s church.

Yours in Christ,

Cathryn Marshall, Sr. Warden

**A version of this message is available in Spanish online here. / Una versión de este mensaje está disponible en español en línea aquí."**


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