E-Newsletter For Sunday, August 18, 2019

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From the Rector 
The Rev. Dr. Jared C. Cramer, SCP

Dear Parishioners,

Do you love a good book? Do you ever have trouble wading through the variety of religious options—and not knowing what’s good? Want to learn more about the Episcopal Church or the Bible… or just want to kick back and enjoy some good fiction.

The SJE Parish Library is your friend!

For several years, the library has not been used as frequently as it could be. Our catalog system was designed by a parishioner (and lacks an actual catalog to look items up!). Many of the books are outdated and accumulating dust. Newer books that would be relevant to the life of Christians at SJE aren’t purchased because there is no dedicated system to do so.

That’s all been changing this summer! Our amazing team of Cathryn Marshall and Susan Morriss have been hard at work this summer purging our library of out-dated books and adding in newer ones. They’ve also created a DVD/Blu-Ray section for movies. This past week, they’ve been entering books into our own online cloud-based catalog, all now organized according to the standards of the Library of Congress Catalog System—meaning that now you can go online and view the SJE library at any time!

The address is: https://sjegh.libib.com

When they are done, you”ll be able to view the entire Parish Library online or from an app and check out books with a kiosk right in the Guild Room! After entering all the books, the next step will be tagging the spines with the Library of Congress Catalog Numbers. 

We’re currently hosting a Facebook Fundraiser to help us purchase the needed materials to finish out this project—and also create a new Library Fund that we will use to buy new books each year in order to keep our library up to date and helpful! Click here to see the library fundraiser and contribute! Or, if you prefer, you can send a check to St. John’s with “Library Fund” in the memo line.

Through Grace,

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