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From the Rector
The Rev. Dr. Jared C. Cramer, SCP

Dear *|FNAME|*,

This weekend, our Lenten Journey draws to a close with the arrival of Palm Sunday: The Sunday of the Passion. 

At the Thursday Noon Bible Study today, we spent some time talking about the inherent complexities in Palm Sunday. We begin the day shouting Hosannas, but within a few minutes, we are crying "Crucify Him!" with the angry crowds, demanding the death of the king we had just celebrated. We begin with waving branches as we join in a joyous procession and end with a crucified Lord and the awareness that we are complicit in this act.

At the moment when the liturgy turns, I take off my beautiful antique red cope and instead put on dark passiontide crimson vestments, a gift last year from John & Mary Harberts, in memory of Bob & Fran Cox. They are a lovely set, handmade with heavy brocade and silk. They echo the red Jerusalem Cross that Jane Freedberg embroidered on our Holy Week Array altar frontal. 

I feel the weight of those vestments when we begin the liturgy of the passion. And I'm reminded of the weight of my own passions—the times when my own desires or emotions got the better of me and led me wounding those I love with my words or actions. I'm reminded that every time I wound (or, perhaps just as bad, ignore) another human being I do this to Christ himself, who took all of humanity upon himself.

As we enter into this holy journey, there will be a special opportunity for you this Sunday evening. Our Director of Music, Nick Palmer, has put together an offering he is calling "Meditations on the Passion." Assisted by Becky Parks, Crystal Todd, and Alicia Hager, we will gather at 5:00pm for an opportunity to explore the Passion of Christ in music, poetry, and literature. I believe you will find it to be an experience that will enlarge your own understanding of the Passion of our Lord, one that will quicken your spirit and draw you closer to God in this holy time. Please join us. 

There are also numerous opportunities for worship during Holy Week. On Monday – Wednesday, there will be a noonday service of Holy Eucharist in the All Souls' Chapel, each day with a brief meditation. On Maundy Thursday, April 18, we will gather for a traditional Mediterranean Meal at 6:00pm, sharing in food that would be similar to what Christ ate with his disciples that night. Then, at 7:00pm, we will have a Bilingual Eucharist, complete with the stripping of the altar. The Blessed Sacrament will be brought to the Altar of Repose in the All Souls' Chapel, where we will keep watch overnight. Then, at 8:30am on Good Friday, April 19, we will have a simple service of Morning Prayer & Communion, consuming the rest of the sacrament. After that point, the church is bereft of the sacrament entirely. At Noon, we will observe the solemn Liturgy of Good Friday in English and at 7:00pm we will observe that liturgy in Spanish.

The morning of Holy Saturday, April 20, at 10:00am, we will say the simple Holy Saturday liturgy and then everyone is invited to join the Altar Guild in our Easter Preparations. This Easter will be especially joyous because at the 8:30pm Great Vigil of Easter we will be baptizing five young girls into the church, five girls who came to our parish through friends or the Canterbury Choir or our amazing Godly-Play Sunday School and have chosen to become a full part of the church. 

After that it is Easter Sunday and fifty days of celebration…

This entire journey begins this Sunday. I look forward to seeing you there, as we seek to walk the road Christ trod, a road that leads to suffering, to giving up ourselves for others, but that also finds resurrection and new life.

Through Grace,

PS ~ We are still very much in need of two or three more people to serve as Nursery Volunteers and take some of the load off of our current volunteers. If you could help watch the little children of our young families once six or seven weeks, please contact Cindi in the Parish Office. The more volunteers we have, the easier the rotation is on everyone involved. Remember, the service is still streamed live downstairs to the nursery, so you don't have to miss out entirely on what's happening upstairs. And if parents bring their small kids up for Communion at the Peace, you are welcome to close the nursery early and come upstairs as well!

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