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A Message from Chuck & Betty Wibert

Dear *|FNAME|*,

We have no way of knowing precisely why the founders of our church chose St. John as our patron saint. Whatever the reasons, they were good ones. 

Tradition tells us that St. John, the youngest disciple, was also the disciple Christ loved. He was with Jesus at the raising of Jairus’ daughter and was present at the Transfiguration. We can only think he was in the boat when the sea was calmed and when Jesus walked on it. 

But he also stood in the shadow of the cross when Jesus said to Mary, “behold your son”. 

St. John was persecuted and exiled yet still proclaimed clearly the message of Jesus and His love for all people. He wrote five books of the New Testament and clearly declared, “In the beginning was the Word (Christ) and the Word was with God”. 

That’s a powerful mantra for our parish. In spite of challenges we proclaim Christ and His love for all people. After several years of searching, we finally found a statue to gift to the parish which we felt would offer a visual reminder of St. John’s message and the unfailing love of Christ every time we come to worship. 

Our statue is historic. It was made in Paris in 1875, spent time both there and Belgium and was finally purchased by a company in the Netherlands. Welcome to St. John’s St. John!

A committee is being formed to arrange a permanent and safe display. Suggestions are welcome—after all, he’s one of us!

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