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A Message from Your Rector and Senior Warden

Dear *|FNAME|*,

Dear Parish Family,
During this time of Renewal Leave, as we have all been exploring how to return to the sources that nourish us in our lives as Christians, a new opportunity has arisen that we want to tell you about.
when Father Jared returns this fall, we will have time as a parish discerning a new mission, vision, and five-year plan for our ministry together. Our hope is that this Renewal Leave will have brought clarity and a renewed sense of what God is calling all of us to as a parish family.
This fall will also see the approach of the conclusion of the second year of our grant for Latino Ministry, with 2019 being the third and final year of this grant cycle. When General Convention meets this next month, they will determine whether or not to extend these grants for new ministries in the church. So, we will know this fall whether or not we will likely see our own grant extended for another three years. Either way, our Latino ministry and you will be invited to discern together how best to move forward in our shared ministry.
As we approach this new time of discernment of mission and vision in the Latino ministry, Cathryn, Father Jared, and Father John have decided that it would be nourishing to do a few things differently over these next couple of months.
Our Associate Rector, Father John, did not take his full vacation last year and still has not taken any this year. He has worked tremendously hard for us all and time away for rest is essential to a healthy and vibrant ministry. So, he will begin a time away this Sunday. This is not a Sabbatical like Father Jared is currently taking. Rather, he is simply taking his accrued vacation time along with his continuing education.
Our Latino ministry also has a desire to use these next couple of months to grow in relationship with the rest of their parish family. Thus, they have asked to worship with you at the 10:00am English liturgy during these months. Cathryn will secure a professional interpreter who will interpret the liturgy through our existing interpretation devices for our members. So, the liturgy will not be bilingual, but will still be understood by our Spanish-speaking members. I know you will warmly welcome them to the 10:00am liturgy.
The Latino ministry will still continue the rest of their activities they do. They would invite you to join them at the Migrant Resource Council “Fiesta” on Friday, June 29, to thank the migrant workers who come to our community each summer. If you are interested in helping with the St. John’s table at that event, please contact Reyna Masko at rmasko@sjegh.com. They are also very much looking forward to your help with the Second Annual Taco Sale at the Coast Guard Parade on Saturday, August 4.
If you have any questions, or want to know how you can help during our continued time of Renewal Leave and discernment this summer, please contact Cathryn at seniorwarden@stjohnsepiscopal.com.
Yours in Christ,

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