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A Message from Cathryn Marshall, Senior Warden

Dear *|FNAME|*,

Several months ago, I attended the Bishop’s Workshop. This is a “town hall” type gathering that takes place each year. Three or four workshops are held, all with the same agenda, but in different locations throughout the state.  First, the Bishop summarized last year’s topic, which was all about adaptive leadership. This concept says that one must adapt to the times, and come up with ways to do things today, rather than continuing to wish for ‘the good old days’. It’s also about the realization that issues that come up for churches generally require more than a “quick fix”. Adaptive leadership is proactive, not reactive. Adaptive leadership changes build on the past rather than jettisoning it or getting lost in reminiscences.  Adaptation requires a willingness to experiment, and a willingness to fail.  Most importantly, adaptation takes time.
The Bishop then began to talk about his concerns about church consumerism. “I’m shopping for a church” is a phrase that makes him uncomfortable. We are not offering a product!  He reminded us of what the BCP says about the mission of the church: “…to restore all people to unity with God and each other through Christ.”  (p855)
This theme also arose in one of the breakout sessions. A task force has been working for the past year on coming up with ways to measure a parish in terms of vitality and viability. One of the stories that was shared was about a church making a huge difference in their community even though they don’t have a lot of resources – because they are mission-focused.  
Some of the questions that Bishop Whayne asked the group to ponder were:
What is Church to you?
Why do you belong? Why do you participate?
What is the Gospel’s good news?
The first three are personal, and the answers can vary widely. For me, the answer to the final question is that God’s love is a gift offered to all people.   The important part of that sentence is the word gift. We can’t earn it; we are broken, we are flawed, but God loves us anyway.
As we continue our Mutual Renewal journey this summer, I would invite you to ponder the Bishop’s questions. I hope the answers will motivate you to share God’s gift with others.
In God’s Grace,

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