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A Message from Jessica Robinson, Aspirant to the Priesthood

Dear *|FNAME|*,

Things in life have a way of taking a winding road that lead to some unforeseeable future. My journey to ordained ministry has been on a very long and winding road with many twists and turns since I became a believer and first felt the call to ordained ministry. Early in my first year at Hope College I declared Theology as my major. Before I graduated, I found myself in my first lesbian relationship. My worldview was small at the time and I had been taught that being a lesbian just simply would not work with ministry. I graduated with my degree in Theology and promptly went into teaching, ignoring the calling that I had so clearly received.  This set me on a track of ignoring as best as I could the gnawing call to ordained ministry for 10 years. That all changed when I stepped foot into Father Jared’s office for the first time. The time had come to heed the call.
My formal pursuit of ordained ministry began in 2015 at Western Theological Seminary in Holland. While I had always unintentionally attended Reformed churches, I found myself at SJE due to the social justice movements of the church.  Once I began to learn the theology of the Episcopal Church, I immediately fell in love with it.  I always considered my theological beliefs to have no real home until then. The Episcopal Church is home to my theological beliefs and practices. After all these years, I found my home in the Episcopal Church. 
I attended Western Theological Seminary for two years. I discontinued my education there for several reasons; the beliefs regarding my sexuality in the Reformed church became oppressive and my zeal and desire for ordination in the Episcopal Church began to dominate my mind and heart. Since the age of 18 (17 years), the call to ordained ministry has never left me, even all the times I attempted to leave it.  
The act of surrender always has to happen in some shape or form when we choose to listen to God. God beckons each and every one of us in some way if we are paying attention. One of the hardest parts in answering God is the simple, yet extremely difficult act of surrender. It takes confidence in what we hope for and assurance in what we cannot see. When God calls to us, often times it’s a simple, yet steady tug that we feel.  One thing I have learned is that when God really desires something from us, God is relentless in the pursuit. As God pursues all of us in individual ways, I am in prayer for you and thank God for you. 


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