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A Message from Fr. Daniel Snyder

Dear *|FNAME|*,

I grew up in a family rooted in a dynamic faith. It was a great gift. Faith held us in warmth, comfort, and safety; but nonetheless had the strength of steel in supporting us at difficult times. I grew up loving my faith and being loved in that faith. That grounding led me to priesthood in the Roman church. I was active in public ministry for nine years. I loved ministry.  However, over time the Roman church’s position on women in the church and gay people led me to the point of an inherently conflicted position: I did not believe them and could not publicly teach the party line. Despite a critical priest shortage, there was a refusal to ordain women or married men. I faced a conflicted and exhausting future. I made the decision to leave public ministry and do my doctorate in psychology.

I practiced as a psychologist and addictions counselor and became a mental health administrator. I taught psychology at the graduate level. However, I was always still a priest in my heart. I loved preaching and sharing the Word, I loved and missed presiding at sacraments. My searching for “more than church on Sunday” led me to the Ecumenical Order of Charity, in which I have professed Life Vows and serve as the Vocation Director.

Finding St. John’s was one of the greatest blessings of my life! I felt at home immediately. My partner of over 30 years, John, joined soon after. I was formally received into the Episcopal church at Easter 2016. In talking theology with Jared, I discovered I had long been an Episcopalian at heart. Our discussions led me to formally discern using my priesthood within the Episcopal Church. If it be the intent of the All Holy, I see myself as serving as Jared needs me at St. John’s, as a supply priest, or possibly an interim, but not as a rector. I’ll leave that up to young people like Jared! 


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